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Rally for the Right to Organize - Wednesday, May 18, 2016

May 18th, Wednesday, 4:00pm,
Justin Herman Plaza - 1 Market Street, San Francisco
Join SEIU Local 87, UNITE HERE! Local 2 and Community Supporters in a march and rally for the right to organize unions.
Nothing has done more to raise families out of poverty, to strengthen communities, and expand democracy than the ability of workers to organize into unions. That right has been under relentless attack for 40 years, resulting in a spiral of income inequality and economic insecurity across the United States. March with janitors and hotel workers who are fighting for the simple right to join a union.

SEIU Local 87 - San Francisco, California

One of the first SEIU locals was SEIU Local 87. Our Janitors Union in San Francisco was started during the 1930s. Today, SEIU Local 87 honors our heritage as a union of janitors with an immigrant justice campaign that focuses on political mobilization, legislative action and member education.

SEIU members keep our buildings and communities safe and clean and our families healthy, we care for our children and our elderly, and keep our cities and states running.

SEIU Local 87 stands up for justice and for civil rights for all--for immigrants, for women, for LGBT workers, for people of color, for all workers--because we know that's the only way we can move our country forward.

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