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SEIU Local 87 - Past Actions

Join Us in Demanding Justice for S.F. Janitors
in 2016 Contract Campaign

 The Master Contract between SEIU Local 87 -- the union representing 3,500 janitors in San Francisco's downtown office buildings -- and the city's major janitorial contractors expired July 31. Negotiations with the employers have stalled as the high-tech companies, which have recently taken over tens of thousands of square feet of office space downtown and in China Basin, are hell-bent on bringing in non-union janitorial services and undermining the union.

But the janitors are demanding job security. They want to keep and improve their healthcare coverage. They want the companies to increase their contributions to the janitors' pension fund. They want to strengthen the grievance process. And they want a significant

Mary Chin is the contract specialist/CO, who awarded the company Exemplar the cleaning service contract at 630 Sansome Street in San Francisco (MAP), knowing that Exemplar is abusive to their workers. Exemplar took over the building and has REFUSED to sign a Union contract.

SEIU Local 87 has picketed for the following reasons:

  • Exemplar has TERMINATED 4 Janitors.
  • Exemplar will reduce the pay rate of the remaining Janitors.
  • Exemplar will not provide anything for a HEALTH & WELFARE and PENSION FUND.

CALL MARY CHIN AT (415) 522-3356 or (415) 516-8586


San Francisco, CA: Justice for Janitors Rally
Tuesday, February 17, 2015
- Protested outside of the Millennium Tower which contracts with Preferred Building Services at 301 Mission St.
- Marched through SF Financial District
- Protested in front of United States Immigration Station and Appraisers Building.

Workers gathered to protest Preferred Building Services over low wages and allegations of sexual harassment.

Protesters were chanting in both Spanish and English and are calling for justice and a living wage now!

The janitors who worked for Preferred Building Services, mostly women, were so fed up with the sexual harassment, being paid the minimum wage, not getting paid sick days as mandated by City law, and having to pay medical bills for on-the-job injuries out of their own pocket, that they said "we don't care what happens to us, if we are fired or deported, but we have to speak out for justice." The did speak out. They picketed the building where they cleaned the offices of KGO radio, and other buildings where Preferred Building Services had contracts. They filed a sexual harassment claim with the federal Equal Employment Opportunities Commission. They filed a complaint for unpaid sick time with the city Office of Labor Standards Enforcement. And they filed a complaint with the state Labor Commissioner on unpaid overtime and missing meal breaks and rest breaks. Preferred Building Services lost its contract at two buildings and the contract went to union companies. The company retaliated by terminating the workers. They were not transferred to other buildings, and two who cleaned other buildings were fired with the supervisor openly saying it was for union activities. The workers are now preparing to go to the federal National Labor Relations Board to file charges of retaliation for exercising their legally protected right to organize.

Protest ended in front of the United States Immigration Station and Appraisers Building to protest the ruling of a federal judge in Texas that has momentarily blocked Barack Obama's executive action on immigration, granting 26 states more time to try to stop a plan that would spare millions of people from deportation.

Co-Participants In Protest in Solidarity:
SF Living Wage Coalition
Instituto Laboral De La Raza
La Voz Latina Del Tenderloin
Workers World


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